50+ Hilarious Ramen Puns to Make You Laugh

Ramen is a Japanese noodle dish with an umami flavor. Read the funniest ramen puns for a laugh the next time you eat or see it.

Bowl of ramen.
Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

Ramen is a comforting Japanese noodle dish.

It has an umami flavor and is a delicious way to warm up in cold temperatures.

When ordering ramen, you have four choices. They’re shio (salt), shoyu (soy sauce), miso (fermented bean paste), and tonkotsu (pork).

Whether eating it or seeing a restaurant, read the following ramen puns for a laugh.

Funny ramen puns

1. We’re ramen-t to be.

2. Please ramen calm.

3. I’m a hopeless ramen-tic.

4. I’ll always ramen-ber you.

Bowl of ramen.
Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

5. I ramen-t what I said.

6. A prayer ends with ramen.

7. I’m just ramen around.

8. There’s noodle moment with ramen.

9. Ramen love with you.

10. We sat ramen-ating on life’s purpose.

11. I’ll need a ramen-der.

12. I had a p-ramen-ition that it would happen.

Bowl of ramen.
Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

13. Ramen line waiting for the store to open.

14. Times New Ramen is a classic font.

15. Are udon yet?

16. I’m traveling to Ramen-ia.

17. I’m attending a ce-ramen-y to honor the heroes.

18. It’ll be like this for the ramen-der of the year.

19. You’ve been a t-ramen-dous help.

20. Make inc-ramen-tal changes.

21. It was ramen-iscent of my childhood.

22. You must meet all the requi-ramen-ts.

23. Get the right measu-ramen-ts.

24. Ramen-to you.

25. Ramen it to win it.

Bowl of ramen.
Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

26. Ramen-credibly happy to see you.

27. I’ll be there in a few ra-minutes.

28. They’re p-ramen-ent figures in the community.

29. I’m staying at the Ram Inn.

30. You have to face the ramen-ifications.

31. The cam-ramen are surrounding the celebrity.

32. If your computer is hungry, give it RAM-en noodles.

33. Soup-erstitious people drink ramen broth before eating the noodles.

34. I enjoy learning about the Ramen Empire.

35. I made a salad with ramen lettuce.

36. We’re watching ramen-ce movies.

37. The boss mic-ramen-ages them.

38. We’re running an expe-ramen-t.

39. Ramen-viting you to the party.

40. Ramen-joying the show.

Bowl of ramen.
Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

41. It’s a noodle in the haystack.

42. Ramen trouble.

Puns based on ramen types

1. You make miso happy.

2. I’ll shoyu how to do it.

3. The lotion is made with shio butter.

4. Not too shio-bby.

5. They were miso-rable.

6. Assari for the trouble.

7. I miso you so much.

Bowl of ramen and chopsticks.
Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

8. Shio-ring is caring.

9. There’s no shio-me in the game.

10. The pool is shio-llow.

11. You’re looking shio-rp.

12. I’ll shoyu attitude.

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Featured image by David Em/Humor Living.