55+ Funny Grape Puns to Make You Burst With Laughter

Grapes are delicious berries. They’re perfect fresh, in salads, and as jam or wine. Read funny grape puns for a laugh next time you see or eat one.

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Grapes are nature’s candy due to their sweetness. The origins of grapes date back thousands of years to the Near East.

Today, there are various types of grapes. Examples include Concord, moon drop, muscat, and cotton candy.

If you’re ready to laugh, read the following grape puns.

Then, tell them to others the next time you eat or see grapes.

The ultimate list of grape puns

1. Not all heroes wear grapes.

2. Have a grape day.

3. You’re so grape.

4. Thanks for being a grape friend.

Bunch of grapes.
Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

5. I’m grape-ful for you.

6. You’re on the verge of grape-ness.

7. Grape minds think alike.

8. The grape got squished and let out a little wine.

9. Don’t be un-grape-ful.

10. That’s a grape idea.

11. The grape-st of all time.

12. It’s a matter of grape concern.

Bunch of grapes.
Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

13. A grape’s favorite TV show is Grape’s Anatomy.

14. I fell and s-grape-d my knee.

15. You need to get a grape.

16. I believe in your grape-abilities.

17. I have grape news.

18. I’m reading about Alexander the Grape.

19. It disinte-grape-d into dust.

20. A grape’s favorite movie is Planet of the Grapes.

21. The grape was crying because its parents were in a jam.

22. I’m an aspiring grape-hic designer.

23. The green grape said to the purple grape, “Breathe!”

24. I lived through The Grape Depression.

25. I’m going to see the Grape Wall of China.

26. I opened the grapes to let in the morning light.

27. I love the grape outdoors.

Grapes on a vine.
Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

28. Con-grape-ulations!

29. Birds mi-grape south for the winter.

30. I’m up-grape-ing the software.

31. It’s a grape area.

32. There’s a dis-grape-ncy between the two.

33. The doctor gave me a pres-grape-tion.

34. I invest in grape-tocurrency.

35. I’m grape-le to help anytime.

1. You’re raisin the bar.

2. Thank you berry much.

3. Thanks a bunch.

4. We’re raisin the stakes.

5. It was a bunch in the gut.

6. I’m doing vine.

7. I have my raisins for doing things.

8. Sure, wine not?

9. The grape was acting on a bunch.

Bunch of grapes.
Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

10. Everything happens for a raisin.

11. Grapevines are measured in vineyards.

12. I’m raisin awareness for the benefits of eating grapes.

13. The grape stopped rolling because it ran out of juice.

14. You’re a raisin-able person.

15. They were arrested for t-raisin.

16. You’re aging like vine wine.

17. It’s vine, not yours.

18. I have a p-raisin-t for you.

Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

19. I’m going bunch-ee jumping.

20. Give me a raisin to stay.

21. The saying raisin-ates with me.

22. To be in one Concord.

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