70+ Funny Moon Puns for Each Phase

The moon is Earth’s only satellite and the brightest object in the sky after the sun. Read the funniest moon puns for a laugh tonight.

Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

The Moon is beautiful and fascinating.

Earth’s Moon is the fifth largest of more than 200 moons in the solar system.

You only see one side of the Moon as it goes through the eight lunar phases every 29.5 days.

It’s in synchronous rotation with Earth.

Next time you see it in the sky, laugh with the following moon puns.

Hilarious moon puns

1. My favorite day of the week is Moon-day.

2. Work can be moon-dane.

3. Eating well boosts your im-moon system.

Full moon.
Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

4. Festivals fun for the com-moon-ity.

5. I’m working on my com-moon-ication skills.

6. They have a lot of moon-ey in the bank.

7. I’m traveling to Moon-ich, Germany.

8. I’ve been here moon-y times.

9. I’ll be there in a few moon-utes.

10. The moon-ster roared.

11. I work at a moon-icipal office.

12. I’m going to climb Mount Kili-moon-jaro.

13. We’re recording pieces for moon-tage.

14. Live in har-moon-y with those around you.

Moon, stars, and clouds.
Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

15. My favorite insect is the moon-arch butterfly.

16. I forgot to turn off my computer moon-itor.

17. When life gives you le-moons, make le-moon-ade.

18. They spoke in moon-otone.

19. My favorite board game is Moon-opoly.

20. We’re having a cere-moon-y.

21. I’m baking cinna-moon rolls.

22. The city built a new moon-ument.

23. The jury listened to a testi-moon-y.

24. We’re moon-t to be.

25. You’re my favorite person in the moon-iverse.

26. I began playing the har-moon-ica.

27. It’s a moon-umental task.

28. I’ll de-moon-strate how it works.

Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

29. It’s com-moon-sense.

30. Pande-moon-ium broke out.

31. You can co-moon-side.

32. They’re lunar-tics.

33. You’re tre-moon-dous.

34. Don’t moon-ipulate me.

35. Lunar or later.

36. I find moon puns a-moon-sing.

37. Let moon-ow what you want to do.

38. I’m attending a se-moon-ar this weekend.

39. Marathon runners need plenty of sta-moon-a.

40. I’m no-moon-ating you for an award.

41. Exa-moon the scene.

42. Our team will do-moon-ate.

43. There were o-moon-ous clouds in the sky.

44. They’re pro-moon-ent figures in the city.

45. I’m deter-moon-ing the cause.

46. I’d like to a-moon-d my statement.

47. Give me a mo-moon-t.

48. I’m grateful for my moon-tor.

49. We’re gaining mo-moon-tum.

50. You have im-moon-se talent.

51. It was a a pig-moon-t of my imagination.

Full moon.
Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

52. Don’t moon-tion it.

53. We’re all in agree-moon-t.

54. My kids are starting ele-moon-tary school.

55. I have an announce-moon-t.

56. Thanks for the recom-moon-dation.

57. My work is moon-ingful.

58. I’m studying Ro-moon history.

59. You have good moon-ers.

60. You’ll moon-ifest your beliefs.

61. It’s a moon-datory event.

62. I’m with you moon-til the end.

63. A grumpy moon said, “Get outer my space.”

Moon phase puns

1. The Moon’s just going through a phase.

2. After a big meal, it was a full moon.

3. Gibbous a chance.

Waxing gibbous moon.
Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

4. I ate a crescent for breakfast.

5. The Moon stays smooth because it waxes.

6. Stop waning about it.

7. I already new about the moon.

8. I’m down to my last quarter.

9. I’m waning down for the night.

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Featured image by David Em/Humor Living.