70+ Funny Bean Puns to Make You Laugh

Beans are seeds from Fabaceae plants. They’re versatile, nutritious, and perfect for humor. Read funny bean puns for a good laugh.

Three beans.
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Beans are in many cuisines. You can use them in dips, chili, pasta, burritos, and soups.

There are over 400 types of beans, meaning many ways to use them.

Aside from versatility, they’re healthy and prevent illnesses.

Whether cooking, growing or learning about them, read the following bean puns for a laugh.

Hilarious bean puns

1. How have you bean?

2. Bean there, done that.

3. I’ve bean thinking about you.

4. I smiled bean-ignly.

5. I didn’t bean it.

6. We’re bean-ging on TV shows.

Black-eyed peas.
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7. You’re my favorite human bean.

8. You’ve bean amazing.

9. To bean or not to bean.

10. I’m having eggs bean-edict for breakfast.

11. They bean-t the rules.

12. Sit on the bean-ch.

13. When beans get into a car accident, it’s a fender bean-der.

14. The job offers excellent bean-efits.

15. I sat bean-eath a tree and read a book.

16. It’s the bean-chmark for the industry.

17. You can bean on me for support anytime.

18. It’s bean-ificial for everyone.

19. Most people live in ur-bean areas.

20. If you love a good thrill, check out a-bean-doned places.

21. I’m attending a bean-quet tonight.

22. My favorite fruit is the bean-ana.

23. They don’t have the bean-dwidth.

24. Jump on the bean-dwagon.

Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

25. The loud noise caused a distur-bean-ce.

26. We’re staying at a ca-bean in the mountains.

27. I’m installing new ca-bean-ets in the kitchen.

28. I look at birds through bean-oculars.

29. It’s a com-bean-ation of the two.

30. A bean’s favorite car is a Bean-tley.

31. My favorite deep-fried pastry are bean-ets.

32. We’re meant to bean.

33. I’m watching a horror movie with zom-beans.

34. Searching for the bean-ing of life.

35. You bring me hap-bean-ess.

36. Bean-ough already.

37. They’re the bean-emy.

38. Bean-joy your day.

39. The giant bean is bean-ormous.

Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

40. You have a lot of bean-ergy.

41. This show is bean-tertaining.

42. I’m really bean-to you.

43. Thank you for your bean-put.

44. I don’t want to bean-terfere.

45. Our team won the cham-bean-ships.

46. He was accused of es-bean-age.

47. The restaurant has a nice am-bean-ce.

48. O-bean your present.

49. The player was given a bean-alty.

50. They received a su-bean-a to appear in court.

51. I can’t bear the sus-bean-se.

52. I live on a bean-insula.

53. It’s ex-bean-sive.

54. Some things are dis-bean-sable.

55. I ate a bean-ut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch.

56. A bean’s favorite wine is Bean-ot Noir.

57. I’d like to get your o-bean-ion.

58. We’re in a bean-ch.

59. It’s the bean of my existence.

Puns based on the types of beans

1. Peas and thank you.

2. Lima beans alone.

3. Can you do me a fava?

Fave bean.
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4. The mung-ey was swinging in the tree.

5. Do you want a peas of me?

6. You’re my fava-rite person.

7. Lentil next time.

8. Right black at you.

9. She was green-ing.

10. It’s so peas-ful here.

11. The website has a bean as its fava-con.

12. They’re hip-peas.

13. I got a pinto box.

14. I’m ready for my chickpeas.

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Featured image by David Em/Humor Living.