45+ Funny 21st Birthday Quotes

Turning 21 is significant in America. You’re able to drink and a step closer to becoming an adult. Celebrate with funny 21st birthday quotes.

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Your 21st birthday is something you’ve been waiting for your whole life. You’re an official adult, and it’s legal to drink.

It’s an excellent time to celebrate with family and friends. You can have a party, attend an event, or keep it low-key at home.

Before celebrating, get a good laugh with the following funny 21st birthday quotes.

They’re also perfect for sharing on social media or with others.

Hilarious 21st birthday quotes

1. “The best way to remember your 21st birthday is not at all.” -Unknown

2. “Happy 21st birthday! Keep in mind that “it was my birthday” is not an actual legal defense.” -Unknown

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3. “It’s my 21st birthday. I can wine if I want to.” -Unknown

4. “I think age is a very high price to pay for maturity.” -Tom Stoppard

5. “Don’t just count your years, make your years count.” -George Meredith

6. “Happy 21st birthday. Forget your liver, and let’s party.” -Unknown

7. “Happy 21st birthday! Now, you can legally do everything you’ve been doing since you were 15.” -Unknown

8. “Finally legal! Proceed with caution.” -Unknown

9. “Smart, funny, and good-looking. But, enough about me. Happy 21st birthday!” -Unknown

10. “21 and ready for some fun.” -Unknown

11. “Cheers and beers to your 21 years!” -Unknown

12. “Happy 21st birthday! Whether it’s vodka or an opportunity, take the shot and chase your dreams.” -Unknown

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13. “Happy birthday! Now you can use your own ID.” -Unknown

14. “21 means going out and making regrettable decisions. Happy birthday!” -Unknown

15. “Happy 21st birthday. First comes the fun. Then comes the headache.” -Unknown

16. “Happy 21st birthday! Don’t grow up. It’s a trap.” -Unknown

17. “For your 21st birthday, my present is not taking any pictures of you tonight.” -Unknown

18. “Happy 21st birthday! Here’s to a night you’ll never remember.” -Unknown

19. “Happy 21st birthday. Tonight, the drinks are on us. Tomorrow, you have to start paying for yourself.” -Unknown

20. “Happy 21st birthday. After tonight, drinking becomes tedious, boring, and expensive.” -Unknown

21. “For the 21st time, happy birthday.” -Unknown

22. “Happy 21st birthday! Enjoy it because adulting starts tomorrow.” -Unknown

23. “Happy 21st birthday! Remember, you waited your whole life for this. It’s all downhill from here.” -Unknown

24. “Happy 21st birthday! We can’t believe you made it this far.” -Unknown

25. “7,670 days old. But, hey, who’s counting? Happy 21st birthday!” -Unknown

26. “Drink. Drank. Drunk. Happy 21st birthday!” -Unknown

27. “Happy 21st birthday. Now you’re old enough for younger people to ask you to buy drinks.” -Unknown

28. “Happy 21st birthday! If you remember it tomorrow, you did it wrong.” -Unknown

29. “Your youth is now expired. Happy 21st birthday!” -Unknown

30. “Happy 21st birthday. Less thinky, more drinky.” -Unknown

31. “You only turn 21 once, but it doesn’t mean you need to remember it.” -Unknown

32. “Happy 21st birthday! Thanks for being our designated driver tonight.” -Unknown

33. “Have a 21-derful birthday!” -Unknown

34. “Happy 21st birthday. How does it feel being halfway to 42?” -Unknown

35. “Happy 21st birthday. Blah. Blah. Blah. Tequila!” -Unknown

36. “Happy 21st birthday! Now you can stop asking your cousins to sneak you drinks at family parties.” -Unknown

37. “Happy 21st birthday! Enjoy it because you’ll be 30 in less than a decade.” -Unknown

38. “Holy crap! You’re 21.” -Unknown

39. “I can’t beer-lieve you’re 21! Let’s have drinks.” -Unknown

40. “Happy 21st birthday! Have fun blacking out.” -Unknown

41. “Your fake ID has expired. Happy 21st birthday.” -Unknown

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42. “Happy 21st birthday! Hakuna-some-vodka.” -Unknown

43. “Happy 21st birthday! Enjoy your first ‘alcoholic’ beverage.” -Unknown

44. “Happy 21st birthday. Be cool and don’t yack.” -Unknown

45. “It’s my 21st birthday. I apologize for any drunk texts this weekend.” -Unknown

46. “Do you know what rhymes with happy 21st birthday? Tequila!” -Unknown

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