80+ Hilarious Beer Puns Brewed to Perfection

Beer is a popular beverage, with the two main types being lager and ale. Read funny beer puns for a laugh next time you drink one.

Two mugs of beer clinking.
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Beer is one of the oldest and most refreshing alcoholic beverages.

It dates back to the Fertile Crescent in the Middle East.

Today, the two types are lager and ale. The differences lie in the yeast.

Beer is excellent with different foods, and it’s a joy to taste different ones from breweries.

Whether drinking one or at a brewery, read the following beer puns for a laugh.

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Funny beer puns

1. Beer you go.

2. You’re lager than life.

3. I’m feeling ale.

4. Don’t worry, beer happy.

Mug of beer.
Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

5. Happy beer-thday.

6. As Shakes-beer said, to beer or not to beer.

7. I wish you were beer.

8. I’m beer-y happy to see you.

9. IPA lot when I drink.

10. Beer. It’s pitcher-perfect.

11. The pursuit of hoppy-ness.

12. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Rein-beer.

13. I can beer-ly wait.

14. I’m having deja brew.

15. These are the beer necessities.

16. I can make my drink disa-beer.

17. Beer today, gone tomorrow.

18. I’m trying to resist beer pressure.

19. Beauty is in the eye of the beer-holder.

20. I’m feeling hop-timistic.

21. I beer-lieve you.

22. That’s un-beer-lievable.

23. Please speak louder. I can’t beer you.

24. You’re my beer friend.

25. You have a nice beer-d.

26. I made a few New Beer resolutions.

27. You set the beer really high.

28. You have to overcome the beer-iers.

Glass of beer.
Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

29. Can I beer-row this?

30. I got it at beer-gain prices.

31. The beer-ista makes excellent drinks.

32. You’re welcome to come over for the beer-becue.

33. I’m walking beer-foot in the sand.

34. The end of a sentence has a beer-iod.

35. This lager is su-beer-ior.

36. I’m asking for your ex-beer-tise.

37. I’m feeling des-beer-ate.

38. Beer tasting is a fun ex-beer-ience.

39. The scientists are running ex-beer-iments.

40. The movie was ins-beer-ational.

41. There’s a cons-beer-acy about that.

42. I’m focusing on my s-beer-itual health.

43. I’m com-beer-ing the two options.

44. Let’s go s-ale-ing.

45. It’s taking lager than expected.

Lager overflowing in a mug.
Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

46. I like that it’s porter-ble.

47. It is wheat it is.

48. This is stout we do it.

49. Thanks for the hop-portunity.

50. I got a beer-ie feeling.

51. Don’t drink beer at a math party. You can’t drink and derive.

52. Polar beers live in the Arctic.

53. I’m going to the hop-era.

54. When a beer lover cries, they say, “Brew-hoo.”

55. My sister had a baby. I’m now a dunkel.

56. We’re watching a bocks-ing match.

57. My dad stout me how to make beer.

58. It’s an hop-tical illusion.

59. I’m hop for any beer.

60. You’re brew-tiful.

61. Oh beer.

62. It makes life beer-able.

63. Hop, hop, and away.

64. The criminal went to j-ale.

65. The restaurant has a nice atmos-beer.

66. I didn’t mean to inter-beer.

67. I’ll d-ale with this later.

68. Hop-posites attract.

69. They lived hop-pily e-beer after.

70. I’m here to h-ale-p.

71. Beer answers the phone by saying, “Ale-o.”

72. Come o-beer for a drink.

73. There’s a se-beer storm.

74. Things are falling hop-art.

75. We got the hop-proval.

76. When all ale-se fails, drink a beer.

Glass of ale beer.
Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

77. I don’t see the r-ale-vance.

78. I love sitting on the beer and looking at the water.

79. Beer hug.

80. Thanks for your coo-beer-ation.

81. It’s a matter of beer-spective.

82. Check the tem-beer-ture.

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Featured image by David Em/Humor Living.