55+ Hilarious Spider Puns to Crawl With Laughter

Spiders are arthropods with eight legs. They come in many sizes and colors. Read hilarious spider puns for a laugh next time you see one.

Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

Spiders have eight legs, fangs, and two main body parts.

There are more than 40,000 spider species in the world. While all spiders make silk, only half can make webs.

Whether you love or find them creepy, laugh with the following spider puns.

The puns are also perfect for sharing with anyone learning about spiders.

The ultimate list of spider puns

1. An undercover black widow is a spy-der.

2. Two spiders that were recently married are newly-webs.

3. In spider the leg pain, I finished the race.

4. The spider party was crawling with fun.

Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

5. One spider said to the other, “Let’s hang out.”

6. Spiders specialize in web design.

7. The spider was grounded for spending too much time on the web.

8. I was in-spider-ed by the speech.

9. I threw away the food because it was ex-spider-ed.

10. A fly said to the spider, “You’re bugging me.” The spider replied, “That’s impossible because I’m not a bug.”

11. A spider’s least favorite game is squash.

12. Spiders get information from the web.

13. I tarantula-ve spiders.

14. The spider went to the car dealership to take one out for a spin.

15. Funny spider moments end up on the web.

16. I a-spider to be like you.

17. They con-spider-ed against their friends.

18. It was a con-spider-acy.

19. A spider’s favorite part of a computer is the webcam.

20. I have a lot of spiders in my home. It’s a no-fly zone.

21. In France, spiders eat French flies.

22. When spiders go to the beach, they surf the web.

23. The spider went to spin class.

24. A spider crawled onto my keyboard. Don’t worry, it’s under ctrl.

25. Spiders spin webs because they can’t knit.

26. A spider that won’t die is spin-vincible.

Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

27. I’m attending a web-bing this weekend.

28. A spider without a web is offline.

29. Spiders make bad pilots because they only know how to tailspin.

30. Spiders love to go fly fishing.

31. A spider ate a bee. It was a buzzkill.

32. A procrastinating spider said to the fly, “I’ll catch you later.”

33. I’m web-y whenever you are.

34. Young spiders adapt quickly to online learning because they’re comfortable with the web.

35. It’s easy for a female black widow to find a mate. All the guys are dying to meet her.

36. Spiders find dates on the web.

37. Fangs for a great time.

38. The scariest spider is a terror-antula.

39. Spiders make excellent baseball outfielders because they’re good at catching flies.

40. A wolf spider’s favorite holiday is Howl-loween.

41. Spiders are eight feet tall.

42. Spiders are always dizzy because of all the spinning.

43. A spider’s favorite kissing party game is spin the bottle.

44. When you cross corn with a spider, you get a cob-web.

45. A spider that looks like a potato is a spud-er.

46. This is a web-on-free zone.

47. Use it or recluse it.

48. Jumping spiders are always hop-py.

Jumping spider.
Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

49. The two spiders are complete hobo-sites.

50. You s-web-t me off my feet.

51. I arach-need to see you.

52. Spider way, you look great.

53. They’re getting down and spider-ty.

54. Spiders get medical information from WebMD.

55. Thanks for your spin-put.

56. You’re spider-iffic.

57. It was spider-ifying.

58. I find spiders spin-teresting.

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Featured image by David Em/Humor Living.