50+ Hilarious Blue Jokes to Make You Laugh

Blue is one of three primary colors. It represents the sky and water, bringing feelings of trust and calmness. Read hilarious blue jokes for a laugh.

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Blue is a tranquil color. It symbolizes trust, loyalty, freedom, responsibility, and truth.

While blue has many positive meanings, it can also bring feelings of sadness or coldness.

Aside from symbolism, blue is the color of many things. Fish, berries, and the sky can all be blue.

Blue light travels as shorter and smaller waves, scattering more than other colors. It’s why the sky is blue.

If you’re ready to laugh, read the following blue jokes.

Next time you see the color, tell blue jokes to those around you to make them laugh.

The ultimate list of blue jokes

1. What’s blue and not heavy?

Light blue.

2. Why did the color go to the doctor?

It was feeling blue.

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3. Which bird is always sad?

The blue jay.

4. Why’s the ocean blue?

The shore never waved back.

5. Which fruit is always sad?

The blueberry.

6. How did the student do on the color exam?

They blue it.

7. Why was the sky sad?

It was blue.

8. What happened when the cheese factory exploded?

It blue cheese everywhere.

9. What’s green and smells like blue paint?

Green paint.

10. Why did the color blue go to a restaurant?

For the all-blue-can-eat buffet.

11. What kind of music does a sad musician play?


12. What color’s the wind?


13. What did blue say to its girlfriend?

You’re blue-tiful.

14. Why did the phone go to the dentist?

It had a blue tooth.

15. What’s blue’s favorite part of a movie?

The blue-pers.

16. Why do construction workers dip their fingers in blue paint?

To get blueprints.

17. What did people mistake dark blue sea lions for?

Navy SEALs.

18. What happened after blue received better-than-expected news?

It breathed a cyan relief.

19. What did blue tell its friend about imitating confidence?

Fake it teal you make it.

20. What do you call something that’s blue and fuzzy?


21. What happens to a blue flower during spring?

It blue-ms.

22. What do you call specks on a blue painting?


23. What did blue say after its friend lost a match?

You win some, you blues some.

24. How does the color blue fall in love?

Head over teals.

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25. Did you hear about how blue’s doing?

Sapphire, so good.

26. Why was blue overwhelmed?

It bit off more than it could blew.

27. Why couldn’t blue get up off the couch?

It was blue-d to the TV.

28. Which letter is blue?

The blue jay.

29. How does blue say goodbye?


30. How does blue tell other colors to be certain?

Rest azure-d.

31. What’s blue’s favorite game show?

Teal or No Teal.

32. What do you call coins in the pockets of blue jeans?

Blues change.

33. What does blue say when it doesn’t understand what you said?

I don’t know what you’re cyan.

34. Why was blue sad after a live performance?

It got blue-d off the stage.

35. What does a blue ghost say?


36. What do you call something that’s blue and smart?


37. What do you call a commissioned officer in a navy uniform?


38. What did the referee do before issuing a red card?

They blue the whistle.

Referee holding a red card.
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39. Which dwarf planet is blue?


40. What does blue say before leaving?

Un-teal next time.

41. Why did blue push another color?

To give it a blue-st.

42. What did a Smurf do to a woodwind instrument?

Blue it.

43. What did blue say about the color that was working a lot but accomplishing nothing?

It’s chasing its own teal.

44. Where does blue share its opinions?

On its blue-g.

45. What do you call blue when it does things on time?

Right on blue.

46. What’s blue’s favorite dance?

The blue-gie-woogie.

47. What’s blue that you should avoid talking about?


48. What do you get when you cross the color blue with a plant?


49. What did young blue say to old blue?

OK, blue-mer.

50. What allows whales to stay warm in the ocean?


51. What’s a king’s favorite color?

Royal blue.

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52. Where does blue get news?


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