125+ Hilarious Ice Puns to Chill With Laughter

When the water reaches 32 degrees Fahrenheit, it freezes. Whether it’s winter or you’re adding ice cubes to a drink, laugh with ice puns.

Three ice cubes.
Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

Ice forms when water reaches a temperature of 32 degrees Fahrenheit or colder.

In winter, streets get slippery, and lakes may freeze. In summer, you can enjoy shaved ice or a refreshing iced drink.

Ice is fascinating and covers about 10 percent of Earth’s surface.

Next time you see or use it, remember the following ice puns for a good laugh.

The ultimate list of ice puns

1. Ice to meet you.

2. Icy you.

3. Look me in the ice.

Three ice cubes.
Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

4. Ice was water before it was cool.

5. Have a ice day.

6. The ice cube said to its significant other, “You’re worth melting for.”

7. The house was ice-olated.

8. I only have ice for you.

9. Icy come, icy go.

10. Icy does it.

11. R-ice to the occasion.

12. I r-ice-pect your decision.

13. If looks could chill.

14. They’re dealing with a cr-ice-is.

15. There was a big h-ice-t at the museum.

16. All hail broke loose.

17. You’re w-ice beyond your years.

18. You can’t sit with ice.

19. I ride my b-ice-cycle everywhere.

20. It’s the ice of life.

21. Hail yeah.

22. I’m studying to become an ice-tronaut.

23. You can’t get a job at the local ice rink because there’s a hiring freeze.

24. I wear a v-ice-or when it’s sunny.

25. I have a meeting with an adv-ice-or.

26. They gave me prec-ice directions.

27. There were reports of s-ice-mic activity.

28. Be clear and conc-ice.

29. It was in pr-ice-tine condition.

30. Come hail or high water.

Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

31. Naughty and ice.

32. Kids that love ice are chill-dren.

33. One ice cube said to the other, “You’re so cool.”

34. It was their tragic dem-ice.

35. The magician had an ice up their sleeve.

36. Any way you ice it.

37. Freeze the day.

38. I start each day with exerc-ice.

39. I struck a froze for the camera.

40. We’re fighting tooth and hail.

41. We’re in parad-ice.

42. I’m asking for your expert-ice.

43. I saw an advert-ice-ment for the new product.

44. My ice house fell apart. Don’t worry because igloos back together.

45. After falling on ice, I gave everyone the cold shoulder.

46. Ice versa.

47. Roll the ice.

48. I call them as icy them.

49. Let’s ice things up.

50. I’m having a hail of a time.

51. Icy through your l-ice.

52. Ice-wore an oath.

53. With ice cream, anything is popsicle.

54. Strangers walk on a frozen lake to break the ice.

55. I’m in disg-ice.

56. I don’t want any issues to ar-ice.

57. Turn it clockw-ice.

58. The 34th U.S. president was Dwight D. Ice-nhower.

59. You can be f-ice-ty.

60. Freeze and thank you.

61. It happened once or ice.

62. The shop can personal-ice the gift.

63. The idea would revolution-ice the industry.

64. I saw a g-ice-r at Yellowstone National Park.

65. Ice puns are the coolest.

66. I wouldn’t think ice.

67. Rare items come at a high ice tag.

Two ice cubes.
Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

68. Time fl-ice when you’re having fun.

69. I’m trying to p-ice it together.

70. I didn’t real-ice.

71. We’re going to util-ice all our resources.

72. I need to organ-ice my home.

73. Optim-ice your process.

74. The business is finding new ways to monet-ice.

75. I drink ice-presso every morning.

76. It’s ice-ntially the same thing.

77. I’m traveling to Ice-rael.

78. I’d like to apolog-ice.

79. I’ll alw-ice be on your side.

80. It was a w-ice-t of time.

81. The makeup artist applied ice-shadow.

82. Freeze into it.

83. There was a cool freeze.

84. Thanks for freezing me into your schedule.

85. Do as you freeze.

86. The ice president is giving a speech.

87. They’re s-ice-ing you up.

88. Pick on someone your own s-ice.

89. They’re launching merchand-ice.

90. We can finish it freeze-ily.

91. ‘Tis the freeze-n.

92. I hope to own a franch-ice.

93. It was an unw-ice decision.

94. We frost our case.

95. They went to jail for freeze-n.

96. Let’s watch the sunr-ice.

97. I need to rev-ice my essay.

98. Keep your prom-ice-s.

99. Be freeze-onable.

100. Unless otherw-ice stated.

101. I won’t make comprom-ice-s.

102. Freeze are the days you’ll remember.

Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

103. They charge a lot of freeze.

104. Freeze-t or famine.

105. There’s a new name on the frost-er.

106. It’s im-frost-ible.

107. You freeze-rve the best.

108. The peppers are sp-ice-y.

109. It’s an ice-timate. So, it won’t be exact.

110. It’s an ice-cape from reality.

111. For Chr-ice sake.

112. You look soph-ice-ticated.

113. It’s going down in h-ice-tory.

114. You’ll rep-freeze-nt the company.

115. At a fraction of the frost.

116. Friends or froze?

117. Stay frost-itive.

118. I’m wishing you frost-erity.

119. It’s a new pol-ice-y.

120. My kid just got their driver’s ice-nse.

121. I want to travel to Par-ice, France.

122. Your photos are so ice-thetic.

123. Froze were the days.

124. It was a blessing in disg-ice.

Ice cube.
Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

125. It was a pain in the ice.

126. You’re b-ice-ic.

127. Don’t make ice-umptions.

128. Thanks for your ice-istance.

129. I meant what ice-aid.

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Featured image by David Em/Humor Living.