45+ Cloud Puns That Are Cirrus-ly Funny

Some clouds are white and fluffy, while others a grey and thin. Next time you see them, get a laugh with the funniest cloud puns.

Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

When you look up, there are majestic clouds. Watching them go by is a relaxing activity.

Clouds form when water vapor goes high in the sky.

The air gets cooler, causing the water sticks to dust, ice, and salt and forming clouds.

The different shapes and colors you see depend on the type of cloud. Examples include cumulus, altostratus, and cirrus.

Next time you see them, get a good laugh with the following cloud puns.

Hilarious cloud puns

1. I heard a cloud sound.

2. Under pants, clouds wear thunder-wear.

3. After connecting my phone to the cloud, I saw that I had mist calls.

4. For crying out cloud.

Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

5. They used their house as cloud-eral for a loan.

6. I’m staying at a cloud-ge in the woods.

7. Don’t be so cirrus.

8. I’d like a stratus update.

9. The cloud is the raining champion.

10. I have a stratus-gy.

11. Don’t take it cirrus-ly.

12. Clouds are always throwing shade.

13. I made cloud puns, but they went over everyone’s heads.

14. I didn’t see the cloud because it was in di-skies.

15. A cloud’s favorite composer is Cloud-wig van Beethoven.

16. There’s a cloud that looks like a baked dish. It was a pie in the sky.

17. Let’s give them a round of a-clouds.

18. A cloud’s favorite car company is Cloud-us.

19. The best way to store water is with cloud storage.

20. I hear you cloud and clear.

Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

21. I really mist you.

22. A cloud that talks too much is a cloud-mouth.

23. The beams offer cloud-eral support.

24. The influential cloud carries a lot of cloud.

25. A cloud’s favorite ice cream is a Cloud-ike Bar.

26. Cloud-dkaka is a popular Swedish chocolate cake.

27. It’s an iron-cloud policy.

28. The disrespectful cloud was being cloud-acious.

29. The company is undergoing an cloud-it.

30. You’re not a-cloud to be here.

31. This is the first time I’m speaking in front of a cloud-ience.

32. The children were cloud-dled by their parents.

33. We went on a 15-year cloud-yssey.

34. The sound was barely cloud-ible.

35. The meal was stratus-fying.

36. There was a cirrus of events.

37. A cloud that bends the furthest is a limbo-stratus.

38. In-cloud every detail in your report.

Photo by David Em/Humor Living.

39. I went to a se-cloud-ed beach.

40. Some items are ex-cloud-ed from the sale.

41. A cloud’s favorite artist is Cloud Monet.

42. The cloud stayed home because it was feeling under the weather.

43. I heard a cloud burst.

44. When a rain comes from a small cloud, it’s called a baby shower.

45. I can cirrus-t on the car.

46. I’ll meet you at cirrus-taurant.

47. We came to a cirrus-olution.

48. I bought a cloud-tery ticket.

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Featured image by David Em/Humor Living.